Gimme 15 Inches

If you’ve ever wondered who wrote the first Christmas newsletter or Gimme 15 Inches coverwhy compact fluorescent lightbulbs might be a Communist plot, Gimme 15 Inches is for you. Naked samurai swordsmen? Buzz Aldrin? Rugged revolutionaries who demand two kinds of sandwich spread and sliced cheese to make the fight more palatable? A school board president who deems Herb Alpert the devil’s disciple? They’re all there. Why not join them?

Regular copies are available in paperback from Amazon for $16.95.

Why not?

To quote playwright George Bernard Shaw, "You see things; and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'

Similarly, writer Dave Molter sees silly things and says, "How can I make them even sillier?"

Dave is a two-time winner of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Dave MolterAssociation Keystone Press Award for column writing and a recipient of Pittsburgh's Golden Quill Awards for journalism. Today he freelances by writing a biweekly humor column for the Washington (Pa.) Observer-Reporter newspaper and as a contributing writer for Dead Center Magazine, a quarterly arts publication based in State College, Pa.

Inspired by Looney Tunes, Steve Allen, Mel Brooks, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Mad magazine and a raft of punsters and social commentators both famous and infamous, Dave for almost 30 years has written columns about the absurd and made them absurderer, drawing from the headlines or stories buried on life's back pages,

Gimme 15 Inches, assembles the best of Dave's columns and essays in one place for the first time.

Says Dave: “When someone on each side of an issue thanks me for a column I have written, thinking it supported his position, I know I have succeeded in my real goal — sowing confusion in the already weed-choked gardens of readers’ minds.”